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Folks unfamiliar with computing could benefit with a little time and attention. Patience and the ability to simplify and clarify it all for you is one of my favorite services! $100 for 2 hours of instruction on all computer questions! This includes 2 'HELP' Telephone Calls at 15 minutes each and unlimited email questions for 3 months.

   I win public interest in your business engaging potential customers using Facebook ads, person to person contact via online social venues, hashtags and incorporating social media into your existing marketing. 
   I collect and create interesting content for your social media pages using specific directives from your company, collected data and photos - you'll get a good mix - and photography is included in your package!
   You'll receive  reports on traffic, interaction and community details such as demographics and growth with easy to understand graphics. 
   Hey, I know  you may not even have the time for social media attention (That's why you're here!) I can work magic FOR you without your input if you'd like!
   Pricing includes photography; or your provided media can be used, with weekly posts to sites. I monitor your media and moderate posts. With communication through email, messaging, or text; whatever flows best for your business,          REACH makes social easy! With engaging content I REACH your current customers or group members and potential customers or members where it counts, IN their social media pages. 
MY business is YOUR BUSINESS!
Be sure YOUR site is Mobile Friendly!

After you receive your invoice for work performed

You can easily reimburse REACH through your

Paypal account to:


Your business is very much appreciated!



At your place of business!

I can  teach your team how to take your business or social organization to new heights by advertising on Facebook!


$50 an hour




1/2  Hour Consultation:

FREE for entities that want to learn more about how I can benefit you personally,  your company

 or social organization.

EVERYONE has a different situation and so let's talk about it!


It takes about  20 hours to set up a simple website.


Graphics creation/Social setup...etc. There are more settings on social media than you think and you have to get it right to target your audience! 

Do you want to learn more about your computer?

Do you need a resume typed up? 

What are YOUR  needs?

Keep in mind: 


For only $10 your post or business can reach TARGETED HUNDREDS! 

THESE funds go directly to the platform:


- I charge $35 an hour -

my rates are based on my talent, not your budget. 

Would you negotiate with your plumber?

I do lower them for non-profits.






I can show YOU how to set up a site!

One time set up and tutorial with one month of hand holding via email/text/voice: 


Plus web-hosting fees for

whatever platform you choose. 

Already have a website that needs maintained?

YES! I can re-design your current site!

Weebly, Wordpress, GoDaddy, Yahoo, 

Verio, HTML5 experience

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